REGAL: time series

April 2002

Plotting routine was changed. The processing of the data remains the same as described below. The format of the data files is now as follows:
  1. First line: site/baseline name(s) and component of the baseline.
  2. Subsequent lines: date (decimal years), value (metres) and uncertainty of observation (metres)

The values represent either the actual coordinate estimate (raw option) or the residual after a linear trend has been removed (detrended option).
P. Tregoning, 16 mai 2002 (

June 2001

The time series are computed according to the strategy explained here. The plot shows the time series of the components of the baseline or site coordinate. You can download the postscript file, as well as the data used to plot the time series. The data files are formatted as follows:
  1. First line: repeatability w.r.t. weigthed mean, weighted mean, chi2, repeatability w.r.t. slope, slope, y-axis intercept, uncertainty on slope, chi2
  2. Then:
    1. First column: modified Julian day
    2. Second column: residual (w.r.t. weighted mean)
    3. Third column: formal error
Have fun!